UX Research for Academic Journal Writing Platform.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020


Academic Journal Writing / Research writing platform helps researchers and students to create their academic journal easily than traditional writing platforms like MS-word and Google docs. I have given the assignment to do a short remote study on research writing platforms. Length of Project: 4 days Role: UX Researcher (Secondary Research, competitive analysis, User Persona, User Interview)

Secondary Research

1. Major Difficulties in Academic Research Writing

All points collected from various journals available online

  • Difficult in Textual Organization for New Formats.

  • Finding difficulty in Reducing Plagiarism.

  • Many find it difficult to structure their arguments/choosing discourse.

  • Many students find it difficult in citing and referencing bibliographic sources in their academic writing in which the common difficulty faced by the student in citing a reference is dependent on an inappropriate source for instruction on how to reference. Mistakes in making reference to published literature.

  • Writing without grammatical errors, not having a strong vocabulary is one of the major difficulties for Nonnative English speakers.

2. Exploring Major Online Research Writing Platforms.

Competitive Analysis on User Experience

A competitive analysis was performed to understand the strengths, weaknesses, similarities, and differences regarding User Experience in online Research writing platforms.

User Persona Development

Provisional Personas created based on Secondary Research

User Interview

Questions for Interview

  1. What application do you use for creating your academic journal?

  2. What is your hardest part of creating an academic journal?

  3. Do you handover your writing work to freelance writers? And Why?

  4. How easily you can write your research document in your current preferred writing application?

  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using your current preferred writing application?

Due to privacy, names and personal details are not revealed.

Findings / Assumptions

All findings/assumptions are based on conducted user interviews

  • Exposure to specialist research writing platforms is very less in India, at least Tamilnadu.

  • Concern about proper research writing increases with higher studies.

  • Non-native English speakers especially those who did their schooling in native languages have difficulty in vocabularies and grammar

  • Plagiarism is a major concern for all types of users.

  • Researchers who want to own their work and want to save money are not interested in going to external agents. They tend to prefer research writing platforms. Also to an extent, they feel that external agents will not reflect their structure of the argument.



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