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Human-Centered Vision and Branding!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

We, humans, control this Earth because we live in a dual reality. All other animals live in an objective reality. Their reality consists of objective entities, like rivers and trees and lions and elephants. We humans, we also live in an objective reality. In our world, too, there are rivers and trees and lions and elephants. But over the centuries, we have constructed a second layer of fictional reality, a reality made of fictional entities, like nations, like money, like corporations. And what is amazing is today, the most powerful forces in the world are these fictional entities. The subjectivity nature of humans enabled us to cooperate on a mass scale and able to override the other species on this planet. But this subjectivity nature of believing fictional entities enabled humans to cooperate on a mass scale and able to override the other species on this planet in history.

And today, the very survival of rivers and trees and lions and elephants depends on the decisions and wishes of fictional entities, like the United States, like Google, like the World Bank are successful fictional entities that exist only in our own imagination.

The similarity behind the creators of all these fictional Entities is they all had a vision and they somehow managed to get trust from others for their vision. On General Perception that Seems to be extraordinary communication, Without communication gaining trust from others to believe their vision and idea is highly impossible. But “Can just Vision and Communication are enough to build a Great Influential Entity? My reply is No”

Many of us must be heard about the occupational hierarchy and their relevant skills. You can observe from this image that Vision and Communication have a high position.

But, Only Vision and communication will not create an influential entity. The vision will turn into a successful entity only if it satisfies the needs (or) reduces the complexity of the problem (or) tedious effort of many people.

Let’s Take Three Succesful Entities from History,

  1. Money

  2. Nationalism

  3. Buddhism

All three are not objective realities, When Comes to money, this piece of paper has no real value. You cannot eat or drink it, But we all are convinced to believe it has value. We can give this piece of paper to complete strangers whom we never met before and ask him anything that equivalent to the worth of a piece of paper we give to him. But we could never do the same with chimpanzees. The same applies to the latter two, Other than human beings no other living beings will not belive in nationalism or Buddhism.

But the most important reason for the success of all these entities is they consciously or unconsciously all of their vision was Human-Centered. Yes, all of their vision had the potential to satisfy the (direct/indirect) needs of the larger group of people. If you take the concept of money it had replaced the tedious Barter system, If you take Nationalism it enabled people to identify themselves with one particular piece of land and Group which made them gather support for their self-interest from other peoples within particular land and group. If you take Buddhism, it is so successful because it was originated during the period of 6th Century B.C where other religions had very tedious complex religious practices and simple practices of Buddhism enabled many people to embrace Buddhism. If we do a post-mortem of Vision of any successful entities it will be human-centred at least to some extent.

The intention of this article is to remind “It is not important how powerful/extraordinary your vision, If your vision is not aligning with Human Needs or Human Expectations, then the probability of your vision turning into Powerful Entity is Very Low, So It is important to Vision Human-Centered”



SANTHOSH GANDHI (UX Researcher & Writer)


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