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If UX Researcher = SPY, Then UX Designer = COP!

I want to strongly address that UX Researchers ≠ UX Designers.

I have seen many companies still have misunderstood these roles interchangeably.

Both the UX researcher and designer are expected to have a common ground and understanding.

However, the roles are different in the same way that a Spy differs from Cop. Both fight against crime, But different in the way that spy concentrates on Research and Analysis, collecting secret information. And cop with or without the information collected by spies, they will try to solve the problem and maintain law & order by catching criminals.

In ancient times, Kings have used spies for collecting public opinion to understand reality like the needs, wants, and problems of the people. If they came to know about any problem, they will solve it with their cops/soldiers.

Because many clever kings know most of the people in the palace will do eulogy and their opinion will be highly biased. So to make a good decision they need to understand the reality. For these works, spies were used. And to solve these problems cops/soldiers were used.

Similarly, UX Researchers will bring very unbiased opinions collected from Target users to the product team like needs, wants, goals, pains of the user. (Researching about the demand of the product is Market Research. Researching about user's relationships with products is UX Research.)

UX Researchers, not only just collect opinions, but they also analyze the data and share the result in an unbiased and structured way that will help inform the product design process.

UX designers create satisfying or compelling experiences for users of a product, often drawing on results from user research and workflow analysis.

The outcome of the research is the application of design.

With the information collected by spies, it is always easy for the cop to maintain law and order or catch the criminals. They will not waste their time investigating others.

In the same way, with the help of UX researchers, the work of UX Designers will be close to accurate. UX designers will not waste their time in designing irrelevant features for the user.

Good Espionage work will enable the king to make good administrative decisions. And in the sameway Good UX Research will enable you to make good design decisions.

Be a clever King, Avoid Eulogy. Seek constructive criticism and talk with your most dissatisfied customer.

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