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Importance of User Experience (UX) Research

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Research is not a new concept in building products. Historically all disciplines have learned to use research to better create solutions. But When comes to Improving User experience is all about bettering your product/service according to your users. So we need a clear understanding of who is involved with your product, their needs, goals, and the context in which they'll interact with your product, Simply Understanding the context which is everything relevant to your product. It's a general awareness of the users of the product, their needs, wants, and motivations. And also their environment, what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, and more. Understanding context allows the product builders to take a critical look at what they're creating and figure out whether or not it'll generate the desired outcome. This research associated with the goal of improving user experience is called User Experience Research.

There are three major ways that UX research helps a business.

1. User Research will Save your Process costs.

One of the biggest motivations for companies to invest in user experience research is that it can help save development and process costs because it helps product builders that they are building the right thing. Changes made after deployment is more expensive than fixing during the design stage, so user research will help to prevent these mistakes, and overall it reduces the cost by preventing reworks.


2. User Research will help to explore earning opportunities.

You can earn more by uncovering the true needs of the user. Uncovering the true needs of users means that you better understand what solutions will work for them, so you never waste development time on features that won't be valuable to them. Connecting ongoing usability tests, interviews, and observational studies on existing products, allows you to understand how users are actually interacting with your product, and also what is resonating well with users. Usual benefits of user experience research can be an insight into the goals and needs of users, and an analysis of how to better serve those users.

3. User Research will Help to Increase Customer Experience

Customers always have expectations for positive experiences with products and services they use. Providing a basic good experience is not enough today. studies show that users are willing to leave a website or application if they have trouble finding what they're looking for, or they run into a usability problem. Businesses can use UX research to ensure that it is easy for customers to perform key actions, such as purchasing, or signing up. If we ensure ease of use means it's less likely that customers will go to a competitor for the same service. To truly create passionate users, you need to go above and beyond and anticipate and serve the users' needs.

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