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Perspectives that shaped me into UX Researcher!

In this article, I like to share my mindset which encouraged me to consider UX Research as my career. I hope it will help you to find your passion.

Within a short time, I had the opportunity to experience wearing different hats in my career path. However, In every instance, my passion and interest was the same that is "understanding people"

As a Civil Engineering UG student,

I trained for visualizing, planning & designing many components like Buildings, roads, Tanks, Water filters, sewers, etc.( And this skillset helped me to understand UX Design wireframes & Prototypes, etc)

But I personally always think about does my solutions & ideas can be implemented in the real world?

Because even in Home plans & Interior Design there are always requirements of satisfying the customer needs & Belief based on Vastu etc. Even in colouring, Black colours are prohibited by many.

I always think

"Why do customers prefer in such a way?"

This Part of Understanding customer requirements & beliefs is always been a delight for me.

When I studied history to clear some civil service exams,

I learned about technological history. Like How Technology has affected the people and their lives in different Industrial Revolutions?

Also, knowledge of world & Indian history gave me a lens to see through different cultures & ethnographic. How the events of the past have effects on our daily lives.

As a social media strategist,

I have done much secondary research to understand my clients' customers to design my social media strategy,

Also, I need to observe pop culture to create strategies.

Observing pop culture gave insights into how certain trends ignited?

What are the motivations behind certain digital activities by the users?


All these past experiences helped me in some way to become a better UX researcher. All these are fuel to my UX Research passion.

I will say whatever your profession, your perspective, and understanding your inner calling matters a lot!

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