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Blockchain + Supply Chain

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

QuillTrace is a Blockchain Technology-based procurement platform that made it easier to integrate with the existing Supply chain systems to make it more transparent, sustainable, and secure.

My Contribution:

As a Product Manager Intern, I Involved in Improving the User Experience of the product by doing secondary research and understanding the context of Different types of users. Due to NDA, I can't share many details. To know more details of this product Kindly visit

Research Setup:

Customer journey mapping was used to understand the context of different types of users.

Key Learnings

Normal People see technology as one, they don't differentiate AI or Blockchain, etc.

Users/Customers want their jobs to be done securely, effectively by this technology.

They don't give any allowances for product builders even though they trying to offer a disrupting technology.

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