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Book Design for Comfortable Learning Experience

Updated: Oct 18, 2020


The Challenge

How to design a book for a more comfortable learning experience.


Through the Design Thinking approach, I sought to understand the interests of the targeted users and balance those with the company’s objectives and technological capabilities.


An Open Innovation feature that enables the users to collaborate in developing innovative solutions to challenges.


User Research, Book Design

Secondary Research

In this phase, by doing secondary research, I found there are primarily 5 types of learners.

  1. Visual learners -Visual learners absorb information best when they can visualize relationships and ideas.

  2. Auditory learners -Auditory learners are all ears. They tend to prefer listening to information rather than reading it or seeing it visually displayed.

  3. Kinesthetic learners -Kinesthetic learners are the most hands-on learning type. They learn best by doing.

  4. Reading & writing learners - Reading and writing learners are extremely comfortable with the written word. They prefer to consume information by reading texts and can further absorb information by condensing and rephrasing it.


During this phase, I sought to understand the needs and frustrations of different types of learners by the customer journey map. This customer journey map was built on the pieces of information collected by interviewing book readers.

Customer Journey Map


From observing the Customer Journey map of different learners, we can infer the following pains & gains.

By understanding the pains of different learners, I tend to ask the right questions that how might we solve those pains.


I tried to give a solution using the TRIZ method by generalizing the problems and giving a generalized solution to them.

Based on the proposed solution, I tried to deliver a new book design for a better comfortable learning experience.

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