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Food System Vision 2050: Tamilnadu


The Challenge

Imagine a hopeful, Inspiring vision of regenerative and nourishing food futures for 2050. (Challenge from Open Ideo) And Visionaries must focus on the following themes

1. Environment

2. Diets

3. Economics

4. Culture

5. Technology

6. Policy


I using a mixed methodology of systems thinking and design thinking to understand the food system and its food value chain actors of Tamilnadu. After analyzing and interconnecting all those insights, I have visioned an inspiring food system for 2050.


Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Future Casting

Systems Thinking


From this systems thinking map, It is evident that consumer's values, preferences, and knowledge plays a major role in the food system, and in another way technology also influences peoples values, preference & Knowledge in a greater way. To understand consumer preference & technology. I decided to do a user interview & secondary research on what kind of policies

Secondary Research

I did secondary research to explore promising technologies that will have a great impact on the food system. (Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Robotics, Automated Drones, Transport with longer freezing technology, GMO Technology). Also, I explored concepts like smart cities, gig economies which will influence food system to a greater extent.

Consumer Research

In this phase, I interviewed more than 20 people, I sought to understand their preferences, values, and knowledge about their food habits.

Research Goals

  1. what kind of food people prefer when they go to a new place?

  2. what kind of food habits do people want to follow?

  3. How is technology influencing their food habits?

  4. What kind of knowledge people expecting to know about food?

  5. What kind of food people prefer to eat when they away from home?

  6. How they explore new foods?

Findings (Tamilnadu)

  1. Many People want to know about their seasonal native foods but they lack that knowledge to a greater extent.

  2. Most people want to eat healthy food but again they lack conscience of what is a healthy one or bad one.

  3. Online food orders give more exploration to new types of foods.

  4. From the age of 18 to 25 people prefer a comfortable food experience (Like Fried rice) rather than trying new foods when they visit a new place.

  5. Many want organic food but most of them dont have an idea where they can get organic foods

  6. People like to know about the source & background details of food, vegetables, and fruits. ( lIke harvested month, place, etc)

  7. Most preferable food: Fried Rice

Future Casting

By observing systems map and user research, I have visioned this food system.

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