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Kormo Jobs by Google | User Experience Review

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This review is based on the mobile application downloaded on Aug 27.

What is Kormo Jobs?

Google launched a separate app for job seekers (entry-level) in India called Kormo Jobs. Google had launched Kormo Jobs in Bangladesh in 2018 and then in Indonesia. Now they Launched the same in India. (Target Users= Entry-level Job seekers)

Instant thoughts just after opening the Kormo App

As usual with excitement, I opened the app but unexpectedly I have already explored this platform a few weeks ago via Google pay's Jobs Feature. So, this time there is no Instant popouts in my head.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is very simple and appropriately designed for their major target audience, It might look like a beta version for high-end users who using robust networking sites but it will be a simple straight forward job application app for normal people those who not used smartphone much. UX flow till updating the basic details is very clear but kormo asks the user to choose a maximum three interests (fields) only. so once the user updated the basic necessary details (like Experience, Qualification, Interests, location & resume), kormo shows the job opportunities only from the area of interests chosen by the user. The problem is there is no search bar, so it makes the user experience very rigid. User needs to update his interest to look out the job opportunities from other interest (fields). For now, the user will not able to search a particular job role like searched in LinkedIn/glassdoor.

Notable features that will help Target users

  • Showing CTC/LPA will help users to a greater extent in their decision making to apply for a particular job.

  • Recommending relevant skills & its learning material based on their interest will also help the user to groom for their preferred job roles.


UI/UX is very simple, I guess even people with minimum social/internet experience can grasp the UX flow. But at the same time, we definitely miss the complete user experience vibe we feel in google news, google assistant etc. Regarding job posts, adding more verified job posts will add more credibility to this platform. Job postings directly from other job search sites (shine, freshers world etc) can be avoided. I would definitely get excited if google connects kormo platform to google assistant. It looks like we are not far away from using Virtual AI Job Assitant!


SANTHOSH GANDHI (UX Researcher & Writer)


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