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REFACE APP (face swap in Videos) | User Experience Review

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

RefaceAI is a Ukraine based deep-tech company with ML & AI technology for face swapping in videos. Let’s now come to the REFACE.

(This review based on the REFACE APP downloaded on Aug 09, 2020)

What is REFACE?

Reface is a mobile application (created by RefaceAI.) which acts as ready to use AI tools to create personalized face swapping in videos. You can download this app from the play store or AppStore.

Instant thought just after opening the app

When I opened the app, the screen popped up with highlighting "We need your selfie",

and at the bottom of the page showing "I agree to provide my face data" and "I accept terms & conditions". The line "I agree to provide my face data" made me a little uncomfortable. However, in the excitement, I accepted it.

Next, the front Camera screen popped indicating me to take a selfie. But I am really not interested to show my face. So I tried to skip this action by closing the camera screen but in spite of skipping, the entire app closed. So I understood I must to do this action to use this app. So I took a selfie (however my other friends turned on back cam & captured other faces from sources they had) and submitted it. Another tab popped up showing premium subscription details, I really irritated because instantly I thought it as a paid app without paying money I can't use this app features. Within a few seconds, I realized it is just optional and then I closed it & moved to the homepage of this app.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design feels looks impressive and it also intuitive because my mind was able to understand "If I click any one of the videos here, I able to swap the face of the person present in this video". But other than spiderman and mission impossible videos other videos not interesting for me because I not able to relate with that content. If RefaceAI provides content based on geolocation, it would definitely increase user experience. Ex: I will definitely have a greater interest to swap the face of the Indian superstar with my face.

Service Satisfaction

I will say I am 90% satisfied with face swapped content. Because If we have a similar color tone, face shape matching the real person in video or GF, the output we get is really great but if we don't give an apt face for video or apt video for the face, the quality of output content decreases. However, I can easily say Reface is the best non-coding face-swapping video app at present!

How does the technology work?

  1. Detecting faces in the source video And defines who is who on the video.

  2. Extracting face embeddings from the photo The one you want to swap into a video.

  3. Applying AI for generating a face swap. By creating a new image, not just putting one face over another

Pricing Strategy

Other than popping up of premium plan even before seeing the homepage, all other freemium strategies and placement of premium invitation for this app looks good. And limiting their freemium service by setting up timer, shows their intention that it should not be misused by young immature users.


No doubt, it's an entertaining app. If further steps are taken for promoting good usage of this app (like their AI restricting amateur content). And features like adding music to content will change this app into a very entertaining & creative app.

(I am not a premium member, My review is based on the free usage)


SANTHOSH GANDHI (UX Researcher & Writer)


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