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JIOMART | User Experience Review

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

JioMart is an Indian online grocery delivery service, started as a joint venture between Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms.

(Note: My review is based on the JIOMART App & website I downloaded & Visited on Aug 7, 2020)


When I came to know about Jio launching a new online grocery platform, I am really excited like "real biggie coming into the game" and expected they will roll out something unique. (In customer perspective). I believe most of the people had this expectation, maybe due to the enormous success & success associated with the JIO brand in the past.

Instant thoughts just after opening the JIOMART App!

When I opened the Jiomart app, Instant thought in my mind was "It looks simple, very simple". I really expected something catchy & unique. But then I suddenly felt like someone hitting from me behind reminding me that "why are you looking at the design? look at the offers"

UI/UX Design

Yes, UI is very simple. But a big brand like jio can have a better UI design because I feel like Jiomart missing freshness and dynamic experience which I feel in zomato & paytm. Another important thing product builders need to consider is, In a commerce perspective prioritizing the products with great offers helps, But when considering the whole user experience, To enjoy actual online grocery experience, I need to scroll down to find the tab contains groceries organized into different types. Even though this tab presents in Top in small size, the big banner slideshow with attractive offers catches our eyes. The slideshow is a good idea but just see the image below, it instantly looks like an advertisement banner for CITI bank.

I don't feel anything like it is related to this online Grocery ( Even banner has 10% cashback). I feel mentioning these cashback offers of a third party in the payment page is an ideal one.

People's Voice

Before I downloaded the app, I have gone through tweets about jiomart and Even before writing this review, I have gone through customer reviews on other platforms. From observing feedback, It seems like customers have delivery issues. I hope jiomart will recover these issues soon because I seeing, In twitter, jio handle help responding to user complaints actively.


The UI looks simple but it vibes clumsy too. I can understand the intention of having simple UI is to not give an alienated feel for common people with less digital exposure. However placement of tabs can be even better, the app should give the feel of buying experience, it should not project like it has products only with an offer. Because the market they targeting is daily essentials and this market is not like a watch, shoes. For example, I would likely to buy shoes if it is available at 50% off, I would not make the same decision for buying onion or rice because it depends on my need. I think prioritizing overall shopping experience for users is a much-needed goal in Jiomart backlog.


SANTHOSH GANDHI (UX Researcher & Writer)


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