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WYLO | User Experience Review

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

(This review based on mobile application I downloaded on Aug 10, 2020)

What is WYLO?

WYLO is an interest-based social networking app, In which users by following certain topics, they can able to see content shared by other users in those particular topics. You can follow up to 15 topics and wylo allows you to organize your feed and It's your choice whether you need to see content in your feed from all topics or a particular topic. You can connect with other users in your interested topics. You can use wylo by downloading from google play & app store.

What services does wylo provide?

  1. To find content ( Text, Image, link) related to your interest.

  2. To find, connect & interact with people with similar interests.

  3. To share your content with a relevant audience.

Instant thoughts while opening the app

Instantly Felt some vibes of twitter & Pinterest. But later good UI design/ UX flow of this app gave me a unique experience.

Unique Feature / Advantage

In primary social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, I can able to see content related to a particular topic by searching or following topic with the hashtag ( ex: #science, #productstrategy) and added to this, If the content provider missed out any hashtag then the probability of seeing that content in search results is very less.

Some users in the above mentioned social media will have a separate account to get them updated about their interests & topics. You get it right, Wylo will be a great platform for such users. I can say wylo has better potential than Pinterest/Reddit in terms of social networking & User Interface respectively.

UI/UX Design

Overall UI and UX flow for the app looks good. I personally felt the post size for Image, text, poll looks fine but post size for links can be bigger and it can have bigger thumbnails. (When I filtered my feed by choosing link as my content, I felt my screen looks very clumsy with all options).

And it has an upvote and downvote button. Yes, It will provide democracy but My question is "Do we really want a downvote button? In one perspective it can prevent users from sharing irrelevant content regarding a particular topic but in another perspective, it can demotivate content providers. (If a user deletes the content by seeing many downvotes, it might reduce traffic right).

I am able to see many profiles without DP and I didn't receive any instant popup or notification to add DP. I myself added DP to my profile. Profiles without DP will give vibes like fake IDs and unauthenticated profiles.


Wylo not only helps users to get relevant content of their interests, but it also helps users to share their content with the relevant audience. In that perspective, the design principle of this social network is well refined and it will be really helpful for passion chasing people. I think once Industry leaders from particular topics/interest start to use this app, then this app will thrive to great heights.


SANTHOSH GANDHI (UX Researcher & Writer)


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